SOUK SPICE is the culmination and experimentation of over 30 years of work by our Dad. He passionately devoted his time working on this unique blend of 18 herbs and spices. Not only did they enhance the flavour of our food but made cooking easy and they were good for us.  


Once he was away on an extended overseas trip and we ran out of Dad's Mixed Spices. Our food just didn’t taste the same anymore. In desperation, we looked everywhere for something to fill the void of what we had taken for granted. We even tried mixing a multitude of 'Mixed Spices' but nothing could match the taste and freshness of what we had become so accustomed to. On his return, we finally sat down and documented his secret recipe.


Traditionally, herbs and spices were always bought at the Souk (meaning Market) and that's where the name SOUK SPICE stems from.


At SOUK SPICE, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional product. To ensure freshness, only small batches are hand blended and sealed to lock in the goodness.


Cooking with SOUK SPICE will enrich your dishes and be enjoyed by the very young and the young at heart.


We hope you will love it as much as we do!